As things get back to normal, we're about to see a lot of post-pandemic 'firsts.' One of the most exciting ones for me to see is the words 'First Full-Capacity Concert,' and Madison Square Garden had theirs last night.

The Foo Fighters took the stage for a historic post-pandemic concert last night, and just to make things a little bit more special (so very special), Dave Grohl announced a guest.

"Ladies and gentleman, would you please welcome on lead vocals, Dave Chapelle!"

Dave Chapelle walked on stage to the deafening cheers of about 20,000 people, wearing a signature green shirt, sunglasses and chain.

"WHAT THE F--K!" The fan next to the person recording yells.

"If you know the words, sing it with me," Chapelle said as the drums kicked in.

The crowd sang along as Chapelle sang through the song, as tone deaf as you'd expect a comedian to be. But, you're not excited about hearing Chapelle sing because he's good, you're excited to hear Chapelle sing because he's Chapelle.

The comedian and rock group recently shared a stage in November of 2020 when Dave Chapelle hosted Saturday Night Live with Foo Fighters being the musical guest.

It was definitely a neat feature to make the concert just a little bit more special.

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