Lukas Pank is a Sprint Car driver who races for Ultra Performance Racing.

During his second race with Watkins Glen, Lukas was driving his International GT 3.8L 997.2, trying to make a name for himself.

Well, make a name for himself he did. As he rounded a corner in the second lap at about 254kph (about 160mph), another car cut him off. Lukas did his best to avoid the guy, but he clipped the other driver's back bumper.

The bump from the collision was enough to send Lukas off course enough to put him in the grass for a split second, which then caused him to spin around in his attempt to get back on the road.

As he slid backwards through the grass, he hit the wall with the rear of his car, and the car rolled ever so slowly.

Luckily for Lukas, the grass slowed him down enough to where the impact didn't cause more damage than it could've.

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