New dashcam footage released by the Florida Highway Patrol shows the ending of a pursuit in South Florida that ended with a multi-car accident on I-95.

The incident occurred in May, but the footage was just released yesterday showing the crash.

Five teens attempted to steal a Range Rover from a Fort Lauderdale home, but when it didn't work out, they didn't get away with the vehicle.

Officers caught up to the vehicle they were driving, which began a police chase that ran up I-95 in Hollywood. Before they got to the interstate, the teens struck a bicyclist.

"I knew what happened, and I dragged myself to the grass out of the middle of the street," the bicyclist, Michael Evans, told WSVN.

The dashcam video shows the vehicle on I-95, switching lanes constantly, running over the plastic orange dividing poles running down the interstate. One of the attempts at the maneuver, the driver lost control of the vehicle and flipped over after striking multiple other vehicles.

Check out the original news chopper coverage of the chase:

"All I remember was, I was hit from the side, and then I felt I was spun around, and the next thing I knew, I was stopped," said Sharon Guleck, one of the drivers on I-95. Her vehicle was struck by the getaway car.

All of the teens were taken to the hospital, and are currently facing charges.

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