If you've ever looked at yourself and thought, "Man, I'm built like somebody's dad," that's a good thing. If your stomach looks like you shoved a beach ball under your shirt, it turns out you're the new "hot."

Dating.com held a poll of what body types American singles find attractive when looking for a partner, and "dad bod" ranked as #1 with 3/4 respondents saying so.


"Dad Bod" is defined as not too big, but not in shape. Just think flab over ab.

People with dad bods are proud enough to brag about it on their dating app profiles too, with 45% of people saying they do.

Of course, one in five people said body type doesn't matter, they just care about personality.

The study also found that of the 70% of single people who joined a gym to get in shape before summer, a vast majority haven't even gone yet.

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