If you don't know, SPAM is a gelatinous meat made up of cooked pork shoulder. It was created before we knew that you're supposed to throw pork shoulder in a smoker for at least 8 hours. SPAM got it's boost when it became a staple in soldiers' diet during WWII, where it was also used to lubricate their guns and waterproof their boots.

Since then, the Galaudets moved from Florida to Ames, Iowa, and the can sure enough came with them.

Election Day finally came yesterday, three years later, and it was time for John and Allison to eat their can of meat.

“She’s been looking forward to this for weeks,” Galaudet laughed. “My kids and I like Spam, but my wife hates it. It’s simple, but it’s something that my mom and dad used to fix for me and my siblings as a kid.”

John said for dinner, he made pan fried SPAM, rice, and fried egg, and the family didn't think they could stomach watching the election during dinner, so they watched Arrested Development. However, he did say they watched Season 4, which I think is just as bad as watching the election.

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