Think about what goes perfectly with your favorite butter burger. At Culver's, it could be those crispy fries. Or how about those thick-cut onion rings made from whole white onions, battered with a subtle blend of spices that l the onion's natural sweetness shine?  Don't even get me started with the cheese curds. I've slid into a Culver's just to get a bag of those melty battered nuggets of goodness. And a shake. Shakes are so good paired with a juicy burger. Thank goodness Culver's isn't messing with any of those delicious items. But they are making a change that's causing a ruckus among loyal customers who have specific drink needs.

cheese curds
Culver's cheese curds-Culver's via Yelp photo


It's the perfect pairing; burgers & a pop.

But why do they go so well together? Maybe it's the carbonation in the cola that makes the flavors more pronounced. Perhaps it's the sweetness of the soda complementing the savory flavors of the burger. More likely than not, it's the tradition of cola and burgers being classic American foods.   When you make a change in this's sure to be noticed. via Culver's via Culver's


What's the best drink to go along with your burger?

Why do we have a preference for one or the other?  Sure, "brand loyalty" can be influenced by advertising and marketing campaigns, but once a person latches onto a's super hard to get them away.

You may have grown up drinking a particular brand, so it has become associated with positive memories and emotional connections.



The switch from Pepsi to Coca-Cola has sparked a lot of emotions and debates about brand popularity and consumer loyalty, but for those who prefer Coke, this is a welcome change. It's time to celebrate with a classic American pairing, a butter burger and a refreshing Coca-Cola from Culver's.

Culver's via Yelp
Culver's via Yelp



We all have a favorite cola, but as long as they don't mess with the Butterburger I'll be happy.

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