With Halloween coming up, a big tradition for many in our area is to go out to the infamous Cry Baby Bridge in Monmouth, Illinois. Sadly, that tradition won't be happening this year, or possibly ever again.

The story surrounding Crybaby Bridge is that there was a fatal accident on the rural road involving children.

If you drive to the bridge and put your car in neutral, the ghosts of the kids will push your car across the bridge. You can sprinkle baby powder on your bumper and you will see their little hand prints in the powder after they push you.

Sadly, the bridge is reportedly closed permanently, due to safety concerns of the bridge's structure. For now, boulders have been put up to block the road to the bridge. Permanent gates are expected to follow.

Cindy Vestal
Cindy Vestal

It's terrible news to hear that such a well known horror-fanatic stop is no longer going to be around and available for our enjoyment.

Hopefully we'll find another place that's as haunted and easily accessible.

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