Crocs are coming back. I'm calling it. Remember back when they were cool, and you could go into a store to see a rainbow all of shoes? Then they started to disappear, but I think Crocs has created something that is going to fire up the sales again.

You can get your feet warm, fuzzy and ready for Christmas with Crocs' new "Classic Lined Holiday Charm Clog."


“Everybody loves the comfort of the Classic Clog—and now there’s a toasty lined version outfitted for the holidays. The soft, fuzzy liner adds to the cushion and comfort, whether you’re indoors or out and the iconic ugly sweater pattern and Jibbitz charms are the perfect way to celebrate the season,” the description says.

In addition to the shoes, you'll also have the option to purchase some new Jibbitz to jazz them up a bit.

The Holiday Cheer 5 Pack includes red and green charms, like a car with a Christmas tree, an ugly Christmas sweater, mistletoe, gingerbread man and a snowflake.

Another option is the Bright Holiday Ornament Pack consists of pastel colors, like a Christmas tree, ornament, stocking and gingerbread man.

These Crocs will make a perfect early Christmas gift, or something to get yourself so you're the talk of the party.

They're available on the Crocs website for $64.99, and the Jibbitz packs are going for $19.99. Don't forget, these are limited-time only.

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