On Monday morning, a crossing guard in lower Manhattan took a wack to the face after a repeat offender threw a bottle at her. The male offender told police he enjoys chucking bottles at unsuspecting victims.

Police sources confirmed that Tyriek Martin, 30, allegedly attacked a 37-year-old female crossing-guard around 7:40 a.m. at Bayard and Bowery streets while she was on duty. After the incident was reported, police found Martin 45 minutes later, and he admitted his joy in hitting people in the face.

This is not the only crime Martin likes to commit. He has had over 70 run-ins with the law for various assault and drug charges.

It's like this man's full-time job is to assault people and ruin their day. The poor woman took a bottle right to the face, and she is not the only victim.


Not only does he like to hit adults in the face, but children as well... Last May, Martin was arrested for hitting a 2-year-old in the head with a suitcase. He hit the child while she was being pushed in a stroller by her mother.

A Manhattan judge placed an open bench warrant on Tyriek Martin last August as he failed to adhere to terms of a plea agreement stemming from a 2021 assault case, prosecutors said.

Martin was issued the warrant after he neglected to participate in court-ordered mental health treatment.

A Manhattan cop told the New York Post, “This person should not be on the streets. As long as he is walking around, little children and people doing their jobs are not safe.“

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