Starting Wednesday Evening, December 9th Craft QC is releasing some limited edition beer mugs!

Last year Brandon Mavis (owner/operator/madman at Craft QC) shot a calendar at all the different Quad Cities breweries for 2020.  It was the only good part about 2020 now that I think about it. So, for his next trick...he's launching a line of beer mugs.

I own a ceramic mug already from a local brewery, so I just thought it would be really awesome to have my own CraftQC mug and have a few others to sell to Iowa and Illinois craft beer fans.

He found Zach who operates Big River Pottery in Moline. He creates some really cool pieces, from mugs to bowls, plates, flower planters and more.
Brandon asked him to make the mugs to they went right into a prototype.  Zach designed the shape, size & colors of the mugs while Brandon got a 2"x2" hard plastic stamp that was printed on one of those 3D printers.  It was used to make the badge that sits on the side.
Brandon told me that Zach shapes, or "throws" the mugs, adds the badge on the side and the handle, and after a couple rounds of glazing and firing in the kiln, there you have the finished product.
They've got a limited run of 10 mugs for sale right now (or Wednesday Night rather) and can fit around 18oz of delicious frothy goodness inside.  There are 2 mug designs, one a cylinder and one is tapered with a wide bottom and 3 versions:
  • Drink Local
  • Iowa Beer
  • Illinois Beer
BONUS: Craft QC will also include a free beer voucher from participating QC breweries for anyone that purchases a mug.
Here's how it will work:
First-Come First-Pick
Each Mug will have an Item # – send an email to this Wednesday with the Mug # you would like
Payment accepted through Paypal or Venmo
QC Local Pickup Preferred – Date/Time TBD after Purchase
Additional cost if shipping is required
If you would like a mug and this batch is sold out, we'll take your info and pre-order your mug for the next batch in January.
Just follow Craft QC on the socials to lock down your new favorite beer mug!

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