Ever try to talk to your wife about a new beer you've been enjoying?  Then you know the pained look on her face and darting eyes trying to find a way out of the conversation.
That doesn't happen with other beer nerds!
QC Beer Club gathers at a local brewery or craft beer ally on the second Saturday of each month to talk beer.  There is usually a bottle share where you bring a few of your favorite brews to share with other beer lovers to enjoy.
I talked to Brandon Mavis, the host of the event and owner of Craft QC, about the big event this month:
This Saturday, it's the group's first time visiting Armored Gardens in Downtown Davenport. I am super stoked to get the beer club here. I have enjoyed the craft beverage options and food from AG for years, and glad I could connect with Dan and his crew to host QCBC in February. I am sure there might be a couple of the 100 options on tap that I will be interested in trying.
We'll have $1 off beers during our meetup. We have some great giveaways this month including tickets to a few craft beer centered events coming up. And we'll have gift cards and AG merch to raffle off. Plus, we'll be there over the lunch hour so I know I'm going to grab one of the QC's best burgers.
It's going to be a great time, join the club!
Join the QC Beer Club now for just $10 a month or buy a membership for someone this year.  It makes for a great birthday or anniversary present!

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