Maybe you saw my interview with Glenn Cole from Geneseo Brewing Company earlier this week.  We did a rundown of some of the events going on at Quad Cities breweries.  We got that list from a fella Glenn introduced me to named Brandon Mavis.

They say when starting a business you need to scratch your own itch.  Brandon runs Craft Quad Cities which was born out of his need for information about QC breweries and the events surrounding them.  Now he hosts the website along with Instagram & Facebook pages that are devoted to daily updates preaching the gospel of QC Beer!

All of which he does simply because he likes it!

I asked Brandon what led him down the path of craft beer, his favorite style, his go-to hangover cure and how his willingness to lend a buddy a hand led to his 1st experience with craft beer.

I also asked what his favorite beer was...but he's a smart man and played that one close to the vest.


Look for his 2020 Quad Cities beer calendar coming soon and find discounts to some of the great breweries on the Blue Jacket app.


Follow @CraftQuadCities on Facebook or on Instagram for daily updates from Quad Cities area breweries. And check out for a comprehensive list of every brewery in the QCA.


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