A court in China set a new precedent for the country after a strange sentencing in a divorce ruling that sparked discussion across the country.

Wang, a homemaker, demanded restitution equivalent to about $24,700 from her husband after he filed for divorce back in October.

Wang said she had to take care of the housework and their child alone, because the husband "barely cared about or participated in any kind of domestic chores," China National Radio reported.

In its ruling, the court ordered the husband to pay Wang around $7,700 for "housework compensation," after they split their joint property equally. She was also awarded custody of their child and $300 per month in alimony.

The ruling comes as the first of its kind under a new civil code in the country. The code from the Chinese government will better protect the rights of individuals.

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In effect since January, the code includes a new clause enabling a spouse to seek out compensation from their partner during divorce for taking more responsibility in caring for children and other relatives.

Weibo, China's version of Twitter, brought international attention to the case this week after a hashtag was created and brought 500 million views to the story.

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