Jake Singer was driving north on I-95 from Boca Raton had to make a quick decision after a couch fell off of a truck driving ahead of them and fell into their lane. They swerved to miss the couch, hit the median, and the car rolled.

Their car was totalled and both were taken to the hospital by ambulance to get checked out. Officials say the two were lucky to have survived the accident.

At the hospital, their luck took an even worse turn when a Florida Highway Patrol officer showed up at the hospital with a $166 check for Jake's girlfriend who was driving. The citation was for "failing to drive in a single lane."

“He gave us a ticket for basically swerving lanes while trying to avoid a couch that was flying at us on the highway,” said Jake told South Florida Sun Sentinel. “We got so pissed.”

In a split second, they went from seeing the couch to laying upside down in a ditch.

“People were hugging us and freaking out,” Singer said. “The fact we were standing there, nobody could believe it, including us.”

He said they were still being checked out at the hospital when the officer arrived with the ticket.

“He seemed nervous to give us this news,” Singer said, “which I can understand.”

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A spokesperson for the FHP acknowledged that this was a sucky situation for the victims, but reminded the public that troopers have discretion when it comes to issuing traffic citations.

“You have to look at the totality of the circumstances,” said Lt. Yanko Reyes. “Remember, in Florida it is recommended to have at least a two-vehicle length between your vehicle and the vehicles in front of you because that way you have enough time to react in case something like this happens, in case somebody brakes, in case debris falls on the roadway, you’re able to avoid any and all difficulties.”

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