A couple in Maryland working on their flower bed were in for a surprise when they uncovered a live bomb from World War I.

According to a press release from Office of the Maryland State Fire Marshal, Kelly and Shannon Thomas were digging a hole when they came across the 37 MKI Projectile.


Listen to our full conversation with Kelly below.


It turns out that Maryland has a history of military testing, mostly at the Aberdeen Proving Ground on the shore of the Chesapeake Bay.

According to the release, Unexploded military ordnance in the Bay and surrounding waters occasionally makes its way to the surface. However, the discovery of military ordnance is not limited to tidal waters."

Kelly and Shannon left the bomb overnight, and called the police the next morning, who sent ATF and the sheriff's department.

Bomb technicians disposed of the device safely.

Maryland State Fire Marshall Brian S. Geraci said to always remember the Three R's.

"Recognize that any suspicious objects found should not be touched under any circumstances. Retreat or carefully leave the area. Report immediately what was found and the approximate location to a 911 dispatcher".


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