A couple in Florida was watching TV on Wednesday night when they heard what they thought sounded like a car accident.

“The crash was so big, like wicked,” Karyn Dobson told WSVN. Her husband, Jamie went out to the garage, where it sounded like the sound had come from.

“I open the garage door about a quarter way, peek my head in, and there’s the alligator,” he said.

The homeowner said he quickly slammed the door shut.

“I very quickly closed the door and said, ‘Karyn, we have an alligator in our garage,’ he said. Coming from the Chicago area, this wasn't a situation he was familiar with, or prepared for.

“After I finished screaming, she goes, ‘You’ve got to be kidding,'” said Jamie.

“I said, ‘Come on, like, what are you talking about? Give me a break, you’re pulling a fast one,'” said Karyn.

So, the Dobsons called a gator trapper, by the name of Trapper Ray.

Trapper Ray came and snagged the gator from the garage, but when he left, the gator had left the Dobsons a mess to clean up.

“We’re getting ready for a party. We have cases of soda and everything else,” said Karyn.

Apparently, some alligators' drink of choice is Diet Coke.

“There was Diet Coke spewing everywhere, because the gator was interested, tore open the box, had a few cans,” said Karyn. “Probably thought it was beer, maybe. I don’t know.”

The couple has made the mental note that shutting the garage is very important in their new area of residence, because this is a scenario they don't want to live through again.

“People have sent me texts and emails, ‘gator girl,’ they have all these comments,” said Karyn. “‘Crikey, mate.’ ‘What a great birthday present, Karyn.'”

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