If you're a single guy in the Oklahoma City area and you like the idea of having sex in public in broad daylight, do I have the lady for you.

The cops in Oklahoma City got a call on Friday around 5:30 P.M. about two people having sex under a tree, right by a busy intersection. When the officers got there, they found 48-year-old Tony Willis and 42-year-old Verna LeClair drunk and getting it on, in full view of all the traffic.

Both arrested for indecent exposure and public intoxication. But, it turns out this isn't Verna's first time getting arrested for this move.

Last October, she was arrested for having sex in the late afternoon in a liquor store parking lot with a 21-year-old dude named Kevin Bohanon. Those charges were dismissed. It's too early to say whether she'll dodge them again this time.

Oklahoma County Jail
Oklahoma County Jail

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