A neighborhood in Austin Texas has been dealing with the burden of porch pirates. (People who steal the delivered packages right off your front doorstep. )

One couple decided to strike back at these pirates and left a bag of dirty diapers for the thieves to steal. The pirates were NOT happy about this prank, and they decided to retaliate by smearing the dirty diapers on their door, the thieves also came back to one-up the insult.

Here is Gabriela describing how fed up she is with the entire situation.

Gabriela said package thieves ended up spreading manure on her porch and vehicles.

“The same [people] came back and took [the] package, and when they discovered it was a bunch of dirty diapers they came back and smeared those diapers on our front door...Thirty minutes later, they came back with a giant bag of cow manure. They spread that all over our front porch and on our cars in the driveway, That was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I called police, filed a report, and now there’s a detective on the case,” Gabriela said.

“We need to stop this now, especially before the holidays get started,” said Gabriela, one of the neighbors. “They’re hitting in the middle of the day, the middle of the night. Same car. Same people.”

Several people in the Austin neighborhood said their doorbell cameras have caught the same people swiping packages from their porches. Here is footage from the neighboring doorbell cameras.

Gabriele said the people seen stealing the packages are driving around in a black Chevy Suburban with no plates.

The Austin Police Department said it’s an active case, and the manure-smearing portion could hit the point of criminal mischief.

In 2019, Texas passed new laws aimed to deter porch pirates, making certain cases felonies. One in five Americans have claimed to have had a package stolen from outside their front door.

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