Tony Baloney's is a pizza place in Hoboken, New Jersey that sells a pizza that's covered in tacos. Like, whole entire tacos.

They say they got the idea from a place that so many of the world's best ideas have come from: stoners. The owner says two guys came in, "High as hell, stoned out of their minds" and asked for tacos on a pizza.

He made it, they came back with friends who wanted to try it, and suddenly, everyone was trying to get the taco pizza. Now they make it every Tuesday and there's always a line out the door.

They put Oaxaca cheese, carne asada and chipotle asada on a pizza crust, bake it, then add a ton of tacos to the top and a pool of guacamole in the middle.

When it's done, it weighs 30 pounds and costs $80 for the pizza, or $10 a slice. Each slice contains three tacos, so you're getting a solid meal for your money.

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