Texas police officers arrested a man who they say was driving while intoxicated with a lit BBQ pit of his truck that sparked a large fire.

Officers say Jay Rojas was taken into custody on January 5th in the Houston area.

Deputies with Constable Mark Herman's Office said that standard field sobriety tests proved that Rojas was indeed intoxicated. He was also in possession of alleged cocaine, which was sent away for testing.

To me, I could take one look at this guy's mugshot and tell you that coke doesn't need to go to a lab to know what it is, and I certainly could tell you he didn't need a field sobriety test either.

Harris County Sheriff's Office
Harris County Sheriff's Office

“Jay Rojas was arrested and booked in the Harris County Jail, charged with driving while intoxicated and possession of a controlled substance. His bond and court information have not been set at this time,” said Constable Herman.

It's worth noting that so far, it doesn't appear he's caught any charges for driving with a lit pit in the back of his truck.

That's good news for those of us who put the meat on a little too late to get it over to mom's house, so next time you're running behind, you can apparently just cook it on the way to wherever you're headed.

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