Is it really Valentine's Day if you can't hand someone a small, chalky heart candy that says "BE MINE"? A little bit of our childhood just died because for the first Valentine's Day since 1901, conversation hearts will NOT be on sale this year.

They were made by Necco, which went out of business last July. The Spangler Candy Company acquired the rights to make conversation hearts, but they weren't able to get production set up for this year.

That means no conversation hearts in 2019.  On the bright side, Spangler says they WILL be selling them again next Valentine's Day. Or, if you're super hard up and jonesing for the classic candy, there are some available on Ebay.

Even though the conversation hearts don't taste good, they ARE the number one Valentine's Day candy. Before they went under, Necco was pumping out eight billion of the hearts a year.

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