Residents of Denver's Park Hill community are living in fear as they say a man has been breaking into homes and stealing personal items, notably women's underwear.

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Park Hill Panty Thief

Locally known as the Park Hill panty thief, police are currently searching for the man who neighbors believe has been stalking their houses. One of the victims recounted her experience to FOX31.

“I felt like he was watching our house,” said a neighbor, who asked to be anonymous. “He totally passed over everything you think a thief would steal. Money, medications, PlayStations, computers. Didn’t grab any of that stuff.”

Park Hill panty thief has neighbors on high alert FOX31 Denver
Park Hill panty thief has neighbors on high alert
FOX31 Denver

She recalled the moment the thief entered her home through a window in July, noting that all lights were on and her roommate was at home sleeping.

“All of the lights were on in the house. So I don’t know if he chose to come when someone is there,” the neighbor said. “My roommate was asleep in the bedroom. I wasn’t home at the time.”

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Fighting The Intruder

Her roommate allegedly stabbed the thief twice when they confronted him.

“He shoves my roommate into the wall. My roommate stabbed him twice, pretty shallow. He had something in his mouth, and it was a sexual toy, but it was in a case, so not sure if he knew what it was,” she said. “He had been going through their box of things in this nature.”

Returning To The Home Again

Despite the intrusion being reported to the police, the man returned to the same house three weeks later. His subsequent actions were caught on video.

“My roommate had just left the house. So it felt like he was watching our house. The third time was more recently at the end of October,” she said.

Park Hill panty thief’ has neighbors on high alert FOX31 Denver
Park Hill panty thief has neighbors on high alert
FOX31 Denver

Another Neighbor Posts Her Camera Footage

Saturday, she saw a post from a neighbor on the Nextdoor app telling a similar story.


Another local resident, recalling a recent break-in, noted strange footprints in the snow that did not match either hers or her boyfriend's. Upon further inspection, she realized that all her underwear had been stolen from her drawer.

“Around 9 a.m. I went into my office and noticed the window was wide open, no screen, which I thought was weird,” another neighbor said. “The scary part is I looked out my window, and since it had snowed the night before, there was fresh snow on the ground. I could see footprints on the ground. My boyfriend got home at 2 a.m. that night. They were not our footprints. So that’s what led us to believe someone had broken into the home.”

She didn’t think much of it until she started getting dressed.

“As I was looking through my drawers, I noticed all my underwear had gone missing. There was no clean underwear in my drawer, where I usually keep it,” she said.

Looking To Capture The Panty Thief

As the panty thief continues to unsettle the community, the Denver Police Department is suggesting that both reported break-ins could be linked due to the similarities in the stories and the proximity of the women's residences.

The authorities are in the process of gathering more information to identify and capture the suspect.

Local residents remain on high alert, fearing that the suspect may continue to escalate his disturbing behavior if not stopped soon.

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