Have you ever wasted 25 cents on a toy from one of those vending machines they have outside grocery stores? I don't care how lame you think temporary tattoos are, this is worse.

A woman in L.A. was at a Mexican restaurant with her son on Monday, put a quarter in one of their toy machines, and it spit out one of those little plastic balls with a toy inside.

The toy looked like it was just some sort of weird Silly Putty. But when her son started playing with it, something inside ruptured, and a white powder came out.

Police tested it, and it turned out it was drugs. They emptied the machine, checked the other prizes, and found a total of 4.8 ounces of cocaine.

Bell Gardens Police Department
Bell Gardens Police Department

It's not clear how it got in there. The restaurant claims they had nothing to do with it. Police don't think the company that owns the vending machine was involved either.

At this point they're still investigating. They think it was an isolated incident, but they want other parents to be careful.

Read more at CBS Local.

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