After a night of utter civil unrest in the Quad Cities, with over 45 calls of significant disturbances, death, and destruction to area businesses, city officials have announced that information about a county wide curfew will be announced in a press conference today at 9 A.M.

Four were shot, 2 killed and one officer shot as police worked to contain the violence. Davenport Police responded to "dozens of confirmed shots fired calls."

Mayor Matson and Davenport Police Department's Chief Sikorski held a press conference this morning at 5 A.M. to address the police's response to the rioting behavior.

"Anyone who is looking to commit violence in our community will be met with the full force of our law enforcement," Mayor Matson said.

Davenport Police had assistance with response with the violence from neighboring agencies, including:

  • Scott County Sheriff
  • Scott County Reserves
  • Bettendorf Police Department
  • Rock Island Police Department
  • Moline Police Department
  • Eldridge Police Department
  • Blue Grass Police Department
  • Walcott Police Department
  • Buffalo Police Department
  • Le Claire Police Department
  • Clinton Police Department
  • Iowa State Patrol

Of course, Medic and Davenport Fire Department had a busy night as well.

According to Chief Sikorski, the rioters numbered in the hundreds, with over a hundred vehicles transporting them.

He also said that in the area of 15th and Myrtle, officers were ambushed by rioters. One officer was shot, and dozens of shots were fired between police and the rioters.

One victim's sister took to Facebook to tell that her sister was not killed by police, but by other rioters.

Be sure to tune into Davenport Police's Facebook page at 9am to hear about the curfew.

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