Looks like Chipotle is trying to jump on the healthy eating bandwagon with their new lineup of "Lifestyle Bowls." But don't worry, they're not just shoving salads in your face!


Like You, Chipotle Is Focusing on Health for the New Year

Everyone is thinking about changing their diet for the new year.  Including big restaurants like Chipotle.  Don't forget, you CAN overdo it...even at Chiptole or any restaurant.

  • Be careful with the toppings: For example, the cheese and sour cream are high in saturated fat, and the queso and guacamole are high in calories.
  • Avoid the rice and beans: or at least limit the amount you add to your meal. These sides are high in calories and can add a lot of extra carbs to your meal.
  • Avoid sodas and sugary drinks. It's always a good idea to choose water or unsweetened iced tea instead, as these drinks are lower in calories and added sugars.

Can't go wrong with grilled chicken, a small serving of beans, and plenty of vegetables.

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Chipotle Accepts Cryptocurrency

In a world that has seen cryptocurrency rates fall like the titanic at sea, Chipotle has decided to accept cryptocurrency payments through the online exchange, Flexa. at its more than 2,950 US-based restaurants.

Bitcoin Continues To See Unprecedented Growth
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AR Lens on Snapchat Promotes Wellness and Offers Rewards

Chipotle will launch an AR Lens on Snapchat on January 13th that promotes physical activity and wellness. Users who complete the Snapchat challenges will earn a promo code for a free small side or topping of guacamole. *Chipotle said that 100,000 people in the US will be eligible to receive the reward.

This Twitter Account Is Renaming Everyday Objects And They’re Hilarious

We found this hilarious Twitter account called @TheCorrectNames. The account took photos of objects and animals and gave them the "correct name." We couldn't help but laugh when reading through these.

We wanted to share these funny new names with you, so here are 50 things that have been given the "correct names."

(WARNING) Some may be inappropriate.

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