Indiana State Troopers on the Toll Road near Gary, Indiana clocked a Chicago man driving 158 MPH in his 2016 Dodge Challenger Hellcat.

30-year-old Christopher Garza knew he shouldn't have been driving that fast, but he was helping his friend clear his head by showing him how fast the car would go. Now that's my kind of friend!

"It was not my intention for us to get busted," Garza spoke with the Chicago Tribune. "Obviously, what I did was very dumb."

"As Ricky Bobby once said, I just want to go fast," he continued. "I'm pro-law enforcement. I'm pro-military. And I'm pro-not breaking the law. The moral of the story is I know the risk I take every time I decide to speed. This was the lesser of the consequences to suffer going such a high speed. I'm kind of fortunate that I learned my lesson through jail."

Lake County Sheriff's Office
Lake County Sheriff's Office

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