Chess is a game of strategy and thought, and calmness, as well as intellect, are necessary to play the game. If you play by emotion, you'll fall quickly. Violence is not an option, unless you're apparently a robot.

The Guardian via YouTube
The Guardian via YouTube

Last week, a Russian child that's only seven years old, was facing off against a robot to see if he could outsmart it.

Well, the kid was apparently moving too fast for the robot or went out of turn, because it looks as though it got pissed off, and pinched the kid's finger so badly that it broke his finger.

“There are certain safety rules and the child, apparently, violated them. When he made his move, he did not realise he first had to wait,” Russian Chess Federation Vice President Sergey Smagin said. “This is an extremely rare case, the first I can recall."

It took a woman and three men to free the kid from the robot's grip and pull him away.

The Guardian via YouTube
The Guardian via YouTube

The incident didn't bother the kid too much, because he returned the next day - with the broken finger in a plaster cast.

“The child played the very next day, finished the tournament, and volunteers helped to record the moves,” he said.

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