Most of us are in the habit of Googling whatever pops into our head, no matter how ridiculous or embarrassing it is. Unfortunately, there's a chance that a lot of other people around you are also Googling the same random nonsense.

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Real estate website Estately analyzed searches from each state to find what embarrassing thing people there are Googling more than people anywhere else.

Here are some of the more embarrassing searches, including Iowa and Illinois:

  • Washington: "sandals and socks."
  • New Mexico: "The Hot Chick"  as in the Rob Schneider movie from 2002.
  • North Dakota: "Limp Bizkit."
  • Illinois: "Is WWE fake?"
  • Iowa: "According to Jim" the Jim Belushi sitcom.
  • Wisconsin: a Google image search for pictures of outhouses.
  • Maryland: "Am I a virgin?"
  • Indiana: "Arby's". And also, "How big is average?"
  • Delaware: "Newark girls."
  • Maine: "Nickelback lyrics."

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