Mika Manninen, CEO of Hälsa Foods, has had to fly 33 times during this pandemic in order to continue to work. Since the pandemic began, he's only spent 9 days at his home. 160 nights in a hotel and 33 flights for a germaphobe can probably be exhausting, but for Mika, it's necessary.
Mika Manninen
Mika Manninen
He's spilled his rigorous routine to CNBC, and it's probably going to help a lot of people who have been avoiding airlines because they didn't know how to make it through safely.
On The Plane
  1. Wear Multiple Layers of Latex Gloves- Mika peels off the layers as he goes through the airport. One layer for check-in, one after making it through security, and one for every high contact surface.
  2. Get a Paper Ticket- Don't scan your phone at check-in, even if it seems easier. Everyone else's phone is touching that scanner, so your phone will essentially be touching everyone else's phone. Paper is a scan and done deal.
  3. Bring Lots of Disposable Masks- He changes his mask every four hours, and does whatever it takes to not touch his mask.
  4. Don't Go To The Food Court- Mika never gets food when flying. If he does need to buy a drink, he wipes down the bottle. When he sits, he sits as far away from everyone else, preferably in a corner.
  5. Look For The Non-Crowded Bathroom- You might have to walk to another part of the terminal. Mika never uses bathrooms on the plane.

At The Hotel

When Mika checks in to a hotel room, he wipes down everythingDoor handles, light switches, remote control, phone, and even the showerhead. "I'm 6'2", so I always end up adjusting the showerhead," Mika told CNBC.

He says he only lets the housekeeping crews into his room every fourth day to refresh towels and change sheets.

Mika also said it's possible that because of regulations in different states, it's a good idea to carry your "Essential Workers" letter from your company to make sure you can check in.

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