There really isn’t any way to describe Central Park that would do it justice on any other day than the specific day you were describing, but I will say I observed for the first time what makes NYC so great.

So many people, different people, all with their own agendas, all existing together. It was tourists, locals, freaks, despairing, criminals, cops, and that was the beginning.

The highlight for me was a group of young athletes who made a complete impromptu show of jumping feats. A crowd gathers, a small beat box plays and these kids are at the same time carnival barker, circus performer and jester.

They get the crowd to celebrate along with them, and the patter these gents have perfected rivals anything Grandmaster Flash has ever done.

The finale is better than anything I’ve ever seen on America’s Got Talent, but I won’t divulge it here. Good luck finding them. By their own admission they are usually involved in more sinister activities, so it’s a nice vacation from the routine for everybody. We found them completely by accident, looking for the Central Park Zoo.

Here's a video of one of their performances: