If you can't trust a cell phone salesman who's not great with technology and has a criminal record, who can you trust?

25-year-old Sanchez Ramos works at a T-Mobile store in Pinellas Park, Florida. Last year he pleaded guilty to fraud for artificially inflating his sales commission numbers, he got 18 months of probation but T-Mobile let him keep his job.

I'm thinking he's not going to survive strike two. Because on Friday afternoon, a woman brought in her phone for service and Sanchez found the woman's sex video on it. So he emailed it to himself from her phone.

He apparently isn't very good with technology, he didn't delete the email from her "sent" folder, she noticed someone had emailed themselves her video.

Sanchez was just arrested for felony use of an electronics device.

Pinellas County Sheriff's Office
Pinellas County Sheriff's Office

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