There's a bar in England where people actually talk to each other.  Where conversations aren't interrupted by people nodding off into Facebook land or texting or Pokemon catching.

People are actually talking to each other.

The bar is called The Gin Tub and in addition to old rotary phones you use to order your drinks, they've eliminated the use of mobile phones.

It reads on their website...

"We like our patrons to enjoy the company of the people they are with not the online people they are not with. We are trying to bring back the art of conversation.

We have installed a Faraday Cage (by no means of military standards) so this does mean your phone signal is weaker. If you sit by the windows you will get a signal or if you really need to make a call please just take the 10steps outside.

Lets all look up and talk"

Do yourself a favor.  Put down your phone & pick up a beer.  Talk to the person next to you for god's sake!