A woman has gone viral on TikTok after she found her missing cat alive and well, just exactly where she hoped it wasn't.

It's no secret that cats are jerks, and just do whatever they please, whenever they please. A woman named Giavanna found this to be too true of a statement after her cat went missing during a home improvement project.

She shared video to TikTok explaining that she had heard a meow coming from behind the newly placed tiles on the wall.

It was then that she realized what had happened. The cat that she hadn't seen in a few hours had been hiding in the wall when the new tiles were placed.

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In the video she shared, a man cut out a small square at the bottom of the wall, and a little face popped out.

@giavannaaaa__ via TikTok
@giavannaaaa__ via TikTok

Giavanna wrote on the video, “So our tile went up today and I heard a meow … my cat got stuck in the wall.”

@giavannaaaa__ via TikTok
@giavannaaaa__ via TikTok

After 8 million views, commenters were confused as to how the cat had gotten inside of the wall in the first place.

“Our house has been getting remodeled since July," Giavanna replied. "There was nothing closing off the wall so he made a hiding spot out of it."

In typical cat fashion, the little feline took its sweet ass time to come out of the wall.

Other commenters told stories of their cats getting stuck in weird places.

One wrote, “Our cat got stuck in the porch roof once. I could only hear her. There's a small space in between an upstairs closet and wall above where the furnace is and she went through closet, through door to the empty space, then through a hole out between the roof."

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