A 72-year-old Nova Scotia woman spent more than three days stranded in her car on a muddy rural road in outside of Fairfield, Iowa. She only had some kombucha and marzipan cake to live on.

Terry Harnish was visiting friends on Thanksgiving when she took a wrong turn on a dirt road. Her car started to fishtail in some deep mud, so she tried to turn around. Her Nissan was stuck in mud up to the wheel wells.

She had recently had her knee replaced and had trouble trekking through the mud. At one point, Terry lost her balance and fell face first, she laid there for two hours before she had the strength to free herself.

"I knew getting back to the car was my best bet," she told the Des Moines Register. "If I was going to be rescued at all, I would need to be in the car."

After cleaning the mud off her car key, Terry would periodically turn the car on and off for heat. She snacked on a bottle of kombucha and marzipan cake as well.

On Sunday, she had ran out of gas, the temperature had dropped below freezing and a snowstorm was on its way. It was the snowstorm that ultimately saved her life.

Two teenagers were riding their snowmobiles on Sunday night. Terry saw them and turned on her car's hazard lights and started honking the horn.

They noticed her and their father brought a tractor out to get Terry back to town. She was checked into a the hospital 78 hours after she started her car ride from Fairfield. Fortunately, she suffered no serious injuries.

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