In an odd incident, an accused car thief in California inadvertently made things easy for the police when he stuck a conspicuously phony license plate, complete with an expired registration, on the stolen vehicle.

Benicia Police Department

The Benicia Police Department shared this unusual encounter on their Facebook page, showing a photo of the counterfeit plate.

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We know we are not superheroes, but just FYI this is NOT a way to get one over on us, the department wrote in a jovial post. They displayed the beautifully handwritten plate that was on a silver Kia Rio LX, adorned with fabricated registration tags claiming a date of JAN 2023. Police quickly pointed out that a current tag should be showing JAN 2024, suggesting that potential fraudsters At least make the ‘registration’ current.

Drawn With Marker

Further adding to the comical scene, the imitation plate seems to have been scrawled in black marker on a white piece of paper. The license numbers on it appeared to taper off toward the right, possibly indicating the makeshift artist started to run out of space.

According to the police report, an officer spotted the unconvincing license plate at 1 a.m. on Friday, November 24, and pulled the vehicle over. After conducting further investigations, the police determined that the car had been reported stolen in Alameda and the driver was promptly arrested.

Comments On Facebook

Users quickly flooded the Facebook post with humorous comments. The most hilarious thing I’ve seen all year! one commenter quipped. Another offered some sage advice, stating that they should choose a new career path.

Benicia is situated approximately 40 miles northeast of San Francisco. This lighthearted episode serves as a reminder to criminals that while police might not have superpowers, they are trained to spot and apprehend those who break the law – no matter how creatively they attempt to evade justice.

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