A Halloween partier and purveyor of the spicy deliciousness that is Fireball was arrested over the weekend on charges of drunken disorderly conduct, domestic battery, and several other charges, according to California jail records.

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31-year-old Dominic Salazar was booked into the Madera County Jail at 3:20am Sunday morning on an assortment of felony, misdemeanor and vehicle-related charges.

Salazar, who lives in Madera, a city in the central-California area, is being held in lieu of a $55,000 bond.

Dominic can be seen in his mugshot, being a six-foot-tall, 293-pound man wearing his Fireball bottle Halloween costume.

Madera County Sheriff's Office
Madera County Sheriff's Office

The whisky outfit, which goes for about $45 and is “intended for adults of legal drinking age,” according to the Fireball website, which notes that, “Halloween is all about letting your wildest dreams come true, so this year, become a human-sized bottle of Fireball. You're welcome."

At this time, we don't have the details of what he was doing that got him arrested, but we can all assume it was something that you would only do after consuming a copious amount of Fireball.

If you're looking for the Fireball costume for your own drunken arrestable offenses, it looks like you can get them at Walmart.

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