Well, I assume it was one bite. Because that's how I eat them.

Remember when Willy Wonka ran a promotion with the golden ticket?  They did a similar deal in Britain where you could will the US equivalent of $13,000.  They hid around 150 winners of varying values in different stores.

The Mirror / Reddit says a guy in the U.K. claims he found a special Cadbury Creme Egg that's half-chocolate, and half-white chocolate . . . and ate it without knowing about a contest they're running.  The egg may have been worth $13,000, but he threw the wrapper out, so now he'll never know.

I hate to be the "back in my day" guy...but back in my day I feel the Cadbury Eggs were actually the size of an egg.  They had to have shrank them, right?  It couldn't have been that I grew and they stayed the same.  It's like the Girl Scout cookies.  They keep giving less and less each year (or at least that's my accusation).

Since they have gotten smaller I have enjoyed them less and less.  And now for almost a buck a piece I almost never get them.  But I can't hold back from getting those Oreo Cookie Cadbury Eggs.  They are damn delicious.


Call me a glutton.  I don't care.  It's my way of protesting the size of these Easter treats...by proving they aren't worth the money....uh...every time I buy one.  Which is more than I'd like to admit.

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