The most designer burglar you've ever seen!

On Tuesday, surveillance footage shows a woman robbing a Phoenix boutique wearing a mask, heels, and a leopard-print onesie.

The "cat burglar" stole eight designer handbags from the boutique "Poor Little Rich Girl," busting out the glass door in the back of the store to get in.

Catharine Raslavsky, the owner of Poor Little Rich Girl, was alerted to the break-in by a contractor in the area around 8 a.m.

Burglar in store at 4 a.m. (AZ Family)
Burglar in the store at 4 a.m. (AZ Family)

“I kind of felt like maybe it was like a joke or something but then obviously it wasn’t,” said Raslavsky.

Video footage showed that the burglary happened around 4 in the morning.

“I saw what I believe is, I think a woman, in a cat costume that appears to have leopard spots on it and she is hitting our case,” said Raslavsky. “She sees the camera and I think she realizes she’s on camera and she kind of grabs a few more things and she takes off.”

Catharine Raslavsky, the owner of Poor Little Rich Girl. (AZ Family)

Police who investigated the footage said that the burglar appears to be a woman wearing a “feline type costume with high heels.” (If you watch the video closely, you can see her waddle away in her heels)

Burglar running away in her high heels (AZ Family)
Burglar running away in her high heels (AZ Family)

The owner hopes someone will recognize the onesie and be able to report it, “Maybe people will recognize the costume? Maybe this isn’t the only time the costume has been out.”

Though the thief stole eight designer bags, the most expensive thing that will have to be replaced is the glass door.

attachment-missing bags
Shelf of missing handbags. (AZ Family)

The door is estimated to be "a couple thousand dollars."

attachment-broken door
Broken Glass Door (AZ Family)

“The door is going to end up being the most expensive thing and that’ll be a few thousand dollars and then there were bags which are another thousand or couple thousand dollars or something. This is a really hard time of year, I mean small business in Phoenix in July is rough so this isn’t the best time of year for this to happen but I feel really lucky that none of my employees were here.”

Read More Here: AZ Family

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