When you love someone, you'll do anything to be with them.

An accused burglar told cops that he broke into a vehicle so that he could “see his imaginary girlfriend Emma," who he only gets to see while “tripping on meth,” according to a Florida police report.

Witnesses told police they spotted 43-year-old Matthew Huber trying to break into a Nissan truck parked outside of a Walmart in Vero Beach.

Indian River County Sheriff's Department
Indian River County Sheriff's Department

During police questioning, Huber almost immediately admitted that he had opened the vehicle's tailgate and was “looking for something to take.”

Huber explained that he had intended to sell anything he found "for some meth, so he can see Emma.”

Matthew Huber then explained to some confused police officers that he was trying to get into the car to see his imaginary girlfriend, Emma. Unfortunately for him, he only sees her when “when he’s tripping on meth.”

Huber was arrested for burglary and carrying a concealed weapon (a butterfly knife) during the commission of a criminal offense. He's locked up on a $10,000 bond on the two felony counts.

Matthew Huber has been arrested a couple of times, with charges including:

  • Grand Theft
  • Robbery
  • Narcotics Possession
  • Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

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