Budweiser is releasing a new beer, but they forgot something important.

Anheuser-Busch is launching "Budweiser Zero," an alcohol-free lager that tastes like the nation's best-selling beer.

Bud Zero will have no alcohol, no sugar, and only 50-calories. That's less than White Claw and pretty much any other seltzer out there.

"We really want to disrupt this space because we believe there doesn't need to be a stigma and outdated understanding of non-alcoholic beer. Beer is something that people love, so it doesn't have to be a binary decision of drinking beer with alcohol or not drinking a beer at all," Budweiser's VP of marketing told CNN.

So far for sales, the placement looks pretty predictable:

  1. Heineken 0.0
  2. O'Doul's
  3. Busch
  4. Beck's

Bud's new drink is surely to top the list very quickly.

No release date is set yet, but it's coming.

Read more at CNN

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