New Jersey's Michael Filipkowski is known to police in Florida as "Bud Light Mike," according to an affidavit from Pinellas County, Florida.

Treasure Island Police Dept.
Treasure Island Police Dept.

The 51-year-old man now living in Clearwater, was arrested Saturday after witnesses told police he stole a case of Bud Light from a Publix.

When police caught up to him, he only had 21/24 cans left.

“Filipkowski was observed walking inside Publix obtaining a case of Bud Light cans 12oz. and walking out beyond the point of sale and outside the store,” according to police.

This isn't Mike's first Budweiser-related crime.

Some of his background includes:

  • Stealing a case of Budweiser from a grocery store
  • Carrying open containers of Bud Light at the beach
  • Carrying open containers of Bud Light at a bus stop
  • Stealing Bud Light from a Speedway
  • Ordering Bud Light and a shot from a hotel bar when he knew he couldn't pay for it

Of course, his rap sheet is full of DUI's, disorderly conduct and trespassing.

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