They say art is subjective.  You can call anything art.  And they do.  You may have been to the Art Museum in Chicago where you could see the giant white painting.  Just a white painting.  On a giant canvas.  With white paint. Because, art...I guess.

Makes me feel like I could be a real life artist.  Maybe I should whitewash some old barn boards I have in the basement of barn and sell it for thousands of dollars.  Shoot, I might even try different colors.  Blue?  Red?  Maybe go crazy artistic and pick turquoise or taupe (that's tan, right?).

Once I get my paintings in galleries around the world some dum dum will probably etch his initials into my barn board art with a pocket knife because we can't  have anything nice.

This guy in Vancouver, British Columbia walked into an art museum last month and vandalized a piece of bubble wrap artwork by popping the bubbles.

You've heard the phrase "setting them up to fail"?

The artwork he vandalized is called "Delta Trim." It's about a foot-and-a-half tall and 21 feet wide. It's made entirely of bubble wrap, reflective tape, zip ties, Velcro, and moose hides (because, Canada).

The guy who vandalized is a young dude and looks to be in his early 20s, and he recorded a video of himself doing it. It's not clear how many bubbles he popped, but officials say he caused about $6,000 in damage.

It happened last month, but they just released his photo. They're hoping someone might recognize him.

(Vancouver Sun / Vancouver Is Awesome)

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