Throwback Thursday--Heavy Metl Style.

The first is the greatest rock singer of ALL TIME, Bruce Dickinson, outside of Palmer Auditorium. I got to interview him on 97X about Tattooed Millionaire, an album that still stands the test of time (although what could possibly stand up to the test of Maiden?) Then it's inside Palmer to watch SKID ROW at a different show. Also got to interview Sebastian Bach--my worst interview ever. I was he was so baked...

Lastly, the backstage for that SKID ROW show with 97X listeners...The band signed my black leather jacket, which I auctioned off my back at a Knoxville Bike Rally the following Spring...and wait a that??? yep.. 'Metl' Mark Detl and very UN-metal Bill Michaels...amongst the "party" backstage....oh, yeah, theres a few Skid Row dudes...but sebastian was too much of a dick to show up...I say that because that's what the other guys in the band told me....Bwahahahahaha!

Skid Row Were the S*** at Palmer by Greg Dwyer/Townsquare Media
Bruce Dickinson--The Greatest. Ever. Dwyer Archive/TownsquareMedia
better to be behind the camera than in front of it, eh? Dwyer/Townsquaremedia