I don't think it bodes well for this groom when his wife's dog gives him the stink eye while taking a dump during their first dance.

Luke and Demi Bishop got married on a beach at Treasure Island, Florida with the bride's golden retriever acting as a bridesmaid. The three-year-old dog kept her silence during the nuptials, but was quick to show her displeasure with the union once the reception started.

The newlyweds were sharing their first dance as a married couple on the beach when Hazel squatted behind them to take a bathroom break. In typical dog fashion, she kept eye contact with the groom while she did it.

“Hazel has a funny thing with my husband," Demi said. "When he came along she wasn’t used to boys being around and was always giving him the evil eye.”

“Even now she doesn’t really listen when he says something but does as I ask straight away.”

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