We all have those childhood memories turned embarrassing moments in our heads.  Ones that you wish you could go back and change but they haven't invented that type of time travel yet.  Facebook memories are close...but doesn't allow you to change anything except maybe deleting the post or a few untoward comments that look a less than inclusive in todays woke 2021 world.

The good thing is we grew up in a world where the internet was barely a thought in Al Gore's head and our parents couldn't afford those giant camcorders that sat on your shoulder.

Unfortunately for this kid he's going to be internet famous for asking his father a simple question as he was bundled up for playing in the snow.

"I need you to get my underwear out of my butt."

In 20 years, it's possible he would want to go back in time to change the phrasing of this question.  Or maybe try to anticipate the problem before zipping up the snowsuit.

My "go back in time to change things" situation is when I couldn't get my zipper down to pee.  I was in the middle of potty-training and had started the process already but realized half way through that I needed the zipper down farther.  It was stuck.  I asked my dad to help but he misunderstood and zipped UP instead of DOWN and now I wince every time I hear the Alice Cooper album "When Zipper Catches Skin".

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