Farts are funny.

There won't be a comedy bit or one-liner or viral video of someone falling down that will ever beat the humorous art of the fart.

In my house, farts are allowed.  Encouraged, even.  Except at the dinner table...where we have trouble discouraging through the laughter.

I'm even so lucky to get Snapchat videos of my beautiful daughter telling me "I love you" and then holding the phone down so she can fart in the camera.  It's darling.  My only wish is that I knew anything about Snapchat so I could save the video to play on her wedding day.

You hate to see them grow up, am I right?

My son is sweet too.  He loves to come sit on my lap and give me a hug a sqeeeeze one out as we sit and watch tv.  It's adorable.

It's really great that he, a 8 year old, is at the perfect height when he's sitting on the floor playing video games.  I don't even have to squat or stand on my tippy toes to let one go right by his head.

Passing on the love of farts is what I do.

In this video a little boy interrupts his moms super intriguing video of her putting groceries away in her trunk by farting in the camera.  Thank God he did because I couldn't imagine what sort of boring "day in the life" video she was planning on making.  Maybe she's a wanna-be "influencer" or just wanted proof that she can do things all by herself.  But just as you're getting bored with the Karen loading the car...in comes ole Fartin' Fred to save the day.

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