A Boston College student spent the night in her boyfriend's dorm for the incoming blizzard headed for the North East that dropped nearly two feet on the Boston area.

“The consequences of leaving your apartment window open during a Boston blizzard,” @youaintseennothing wrote with her video that's brought in over 2.5 million views.

The video, uploaded by the roommate of a student only known as Ashlyn, said she'd gone to spend the night at her boyfriend's dorm.

Unfortunately, Ashlyn left her dorm window open before she took off. Her roommate had texted her and said that their dorm was freezing. During the exchange, another roommate noticed a strong draft coming from under Ashlyn's door.

Ashlyn explained that she'd left the window open "a crack," and asked her flatmates to grab the spare key and shut it. When they opened her door, they found a layer of snow across the entirety of her room.

The clip shared to TikTok also shows one of the roommates trying to "fix" the situation by using a dustpan as a shovel to try and dig Ashlyn's belongings out.

TikTok just wants to know, is this Ashlyn's first blizzard? Is this her first Boston winter? And is she going to pay the heating bill for this month?

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