Police body camera footage released shows the moment a Waynesboro Police Officer saved a 6-month-old that had stopped breathing.

Sergeant Harold Drummond heard the call from the Burke County Sheriff's Office, which isn't his agency. He knew he was the closest, so he made the decision to rush to the Dollar General where the call originated.

As Sgt. Drummond jumped out of the car, he asked what was going on. The father of the baby said "We got a baby that isn't breathing." Sgt. Drummond lept into action, took the baby from his father and started CPR with two fingers.

A miracle, the baby started to cry, meaning he was getting air.

AJ, the baby, had a respiratory virus, but is fully recovered now, and has been reunited with his twin sister.

Sgt. Drummond even had his own reunion with AJ.

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