John Popper from Blues Traveler has been harassing some guy named 'Forrest Rutherford' on social media. Among other things, he's posting his name, address, and aerial photos of his house.

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He's also shared Photoshopped versions of Forrest's photos, and he's reportedly been inciting Blues Traveler fans to also go after him.

In an interview with "The Daily Beast", Forrest says they've been feuding for three years. It all started when John went after a journalist on Twitter, and Forrest jumped in to defend her.

Forrest admits that he engaged in some name-calling, but he says it's nothing like what John has done to him, since Blues Traveler fans have threatened to send the Mexican Mafia to his house.

John hasn't commented, however the Blues Traveler Twitter account has been replying to comments about the story by saying things like, "[I'd] love to give my own interview, and respond to these utter distortions of the truth."

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