My history with the blues and brews go way back!  So you could imagine my excitement when the announcement of Blues n' Brews hit my newsfeed.

The Mississippi Valley Blues Society is responsible for some of my best memories.  The Blues Fest in Downtown Davenport is a yearly pilgrimage with friends and family to spend the weekend in LeClaire Park.  We bring the chairs, we bring the umbrellas and we bring the sunscreen and we dance.

Of course, you're aware of my obsession with craft beer.  So bringing a blues concert series to Crawford Brew Works makes me happy.  You'll be able to check out some of the best musicians alongside some of the best beer.

Two incredible arts that go really great together.

Also, the Crawford Culture of Care presents the first Guest Bartending Series event for The Mississippi Valley Blues Society’s "Blues in the Schools" programing!
Featuring dynamic musician/innovative fund-raiser Donovan Gustofson!
Live music provided by the Bruce Katz Band. Bruce is a New York Blues Hall of Fame inductee and was a member of the Gregg Allman Band from 2007 to 2013. and Crawford Brew Works present the Blues 'n' Brews Concert Series & Fundraiser throughout March and April! Get the poster at All poster proceeds benefit the Blues in the Schools program.

Keep an eye on Facebook for weekly announcements for this series of events!

  • March 15th Bruce Katz Band
  • March 19 Shawn Holt & The Teardrops
  • March 22 Jon McDonald
  • March 25 Mercury Brothers
  • April 2 Brandon Santini Band
  • April 9 The Good, The Bad, and The Blues
  • April 14 Kevin Burt
  • April 15 Eddie Turner
  • April 21 Ivy Ford
  • April 22 Mississippi Heat
  • April 29 Skyla Burrell Blues Band



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